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WarPath 3000 is a scrolling shooter arcade with futuristic 3D performance. One of the main features of the game that distinguishes it from other similar shooter games is the variety of military equipment that you can operate. Game levels are divided into three storylines. Fly a plane or a helicopter and kill armies of enemies. Drive an armored vehicle or a rocket launcher and dodge from precise and quick-firing guns. Set sail on a ship or a battleship and destroy above-water and underwater targets.
Features Jumping Shadows

★ AAA class game for mobile devices
★ High-quality 3D graphics and sounds
★ The game ready for two platforms: Android & iOS
★ Long hours of gameplay

★ 15 unique 3D levels
★ 3 storylines
★ 6 types of available vehicles
★ Upgrades for each vehicle
★ Star bonuses to purchase vehicles and upgrades
★ Intuitive touch controls

★ In-app purchases (remove ads, different star packs)
★ Admob interstitial ads
★ Google Play Services leaderboard for Android
★ GameCenter leaderboard for iOS
-Setup and Reskin-

★ You can change 3D models, textures, UI images. For more information read the setup pdf file, included in the project
-Including materials-
★ Graphics: 3D models, PNG, JPG
★ Source code (Unity 3D project, C#)
WarPath 3000 in stores
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WarPath 3000

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